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Why a Thevo Mattress

What makes Thevo Beds different than any other mattress brand?

We designed the mattress with an integrated fiberglass framing to mimic the movement of your spine and follow the contours of your body to provide targeted support to the areas that need it the most, resulting in perfect spinal alignment with every move you do and every breathe you take. This combination assures constant maximum highly responsive support while experience most comfort. No chance for pressure points. Ease of Movement guaranteed.

We've replaced the traditional wood and metal parts of a frame with carbon framing, the springs with fiberglass wings, the memory foam with high-quality open-cell foam, and the quilted fabric with a removable and breathable mattress cover. These quality materials make the bed virtually indestructible, extending its product lifecycle by 3x and minimize motion transfer. Undisturbed Rest assured. Thevo Beds will support you getting essential healthy sleep for the next decade. 

Getting best Sleep possible takes more than just a Mattress.


Ways That Your Body Repairs Itself While You Sleep

There is a common misconception in today's society that sleep is a luxury, not a necessity. Luckily, today’s society also has easy access to uncanny amounts of information about sleep through the internet. Yet, people still deprive themselves of sleep. We are here to shed a huge spotlight on just how important sleep is. The right amount of quality sleep is undeniably essential. 

Health Benefits


German Engineered Quality Design

We designed the mattress to mimic the movement of your spine and follow the contours of your body to provide targeted support to the areas that need it the most, resulting in perfect spinal alignment. 



60 Years of Sleep Experience

The Thomas family developed an international network of specialists, therapists, doctors, scientists to optimize the concept.

Over the years new technologies and materials were incorporated, our sleep systems evolved, and the most innovative sleep system was designed; the Thevo Mattress.

Company Story


For my wife and me a good night’s sleep it’s becoming a nightly occurrance now. We’ve been sleeping on a ThevoRelief bed now for the past month. l've shared how my low back pain has improved and my wife, who used to wake up with numbness in her arms and hands is improving every day, too. And, I can say it’s thanks to our Thevo bed.

Paul F.

Sleeping has become an entirely new experience. The mattress is soft and firm at the same time. Our bodies sink a bit here and there; shoulders, buns, feet, all in natural sort of way. The support remains solid. When we shift positions, the old spaces fill in and new ones are created. Comfort follows every move.

Marylin & Michael

I used to wake up with a ton of back pain. I had to take 4 to 5 aspirins first thing in the morning because of it. After sleeping on a ThevoFlex mattress I have not taken any pills for back pain. It is absolutely awsome. I sleep on my side and had pain in my elbows, but there is no pain with this mattress. I also get much deeper sleep. I sleep for longer. 


Having now slept on a Thevo mattress for the last month we are both really happy with it. I can turn easily in my sleep without waking, I don't get nightly pain in my joints and I don't inadvertently wake up my wife ! Meanwhile, my wife doesn't suffer back pain at night any more.

Simon G.

I sleep so deeply now that my husband has a difficult time waking me up in the morning. I feel much more refreshed during the day and have fewer back and neck aches and pains.

Mary Allen

New Sleep Experience

Better constant spine alignment

Innovation in Sleep

A mattress cannot do it alone!

Comfort for Both of You