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Thevo Dual comfort mattresses
Comfort for both of you
Healthy Sleep with Thevo Beds
Feel refreshed in the morning
Split mattresses offer best comfort for both of you
Sleep better - Feel better
Thevo Beds promote Healthy sleep
Restorative sleep for you
Thevo Beds refuel your immune system during the night
Feel full of energy
Thevo Beds Are Clinically Proven To:
Reduce Chronic Pain
Improve Spinal Alignment and Posture
Reduce Stiffness
Relieve Pressure
Improve Circulation
Relax Muscles
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Bed of the future
MiS Micro-Stimulation® (MiS)
locates pressure points and auto-adjusts your body immediately to relieve pain
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no sagging mattress anymore
Self-Breathing Swiss Foam
reduces night sweats and moves with your spine to distribute body weight and achieve spinal alignment
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constant spine alignment through integrated underframe
Fiberglass Framing
anti-gravity design creates weightless sensation throughout the body to improve circulation
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zip off removable mattress cover
Jersey Cover
self-breathing to improve hygiene, keeping fresh air continuously filtering through the entire mattress
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ThevoRelief provides pain-relieving positioning and gentle stimulation of the nerve tracts