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'Thevo' is an acronym that stands for "Thomas Hilfen Evolution". The Thevo Bed is a working model of the technological discoveries we've made over the past 60 years with German Engineers, Chiropractors, Sleep Specialists and Therapists.

1. We invented the slatted bed frame

2. We launched the #1 selling premium bed in Germany.

3. We've optimized our designs to treat chronic pain

4. We tailored our sleep systems to people's needs

By adding dynamic movement and upgrading our materials we've created what fans call, "the bed of the future". We've replaced the traditional wood and metal parts of a frame with carbon framing, the springs with fiberglass wings, the memory foam with high-quality open-cell foam, and the quilted fabric with a removable and breathable mattress cover. These quality materials make the bed virtually indestructible, extending its product lifecycle by 3x. Rest assured, Thevo Beds will support you to get essential healthy sleep for next ten years. 

MiS Micro-Stimulation® (MiS)

MiS naturally activates the neurons in your brain stem by responding to your movements throughout the night with micro-sized counter movements. These movements work like a see-saw, when the weight of your body presses on one of the wing-springs, the other side provides collateral support preventing you from sinking into the mattress. These micro-movements act as tactile touches, reminding your brain that your spine is supported and aligned. This gives your brain the reassurance it needs to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer to accomplish restorative sleep with multiple REM cycles. 

MiS Key Components

Open Cell High Resilient foam is precision cut for different weight ranges, providing targeted support and structure in your heaviest areas leaving you feeling weightless. Each foam piece is precision cut to provide targeted support for different areas of the body. Each comfort level is designed and recommended for weight ranges to assure each individual, regardless of weight and body type, experiences the mattress at its best- the way it was designed to work. Additionally, we pre-crush the foam to make it even denser, eliminating the possibility of a future dip in a mattress from a person lying on it overtime. (patented)

Wing-spring system is designed to constantly and automatically adjust to your movements and positioning providing consistent support throughout the night. Since the system operates off of your movements, it doesn't need a motor. Which means; no noisy fan, no using electricity, no burned out motor, no fan, no overheating. With framing components made out of fiberglass, the underframe is virtually indestructible. (patented)

Fiberglass framing is matched to the necessary supportive density for your weight range, assuring perfect weight distribution and spinal alignment throughout your body. Fiberglass offers a cushioned durable foundation that distributes weight and supports movement, leaving you feeling weightless. (patented)

Jersey and Incontinence Mattress Covers are designed with airflow, hygiene, and body temperature in mind.  Easily removeable and machine washable, the breathable lightweight covers are made with the same athletic material seen in dry-fit sportswear. The non-toxic high-tech jersey blend is lightweight and breathable. It's proven to reduce night sweats, improve microclimate and hygiene and is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. (patented)


Thevo technology works on any frame!

Thevo Mattresses were first designed for hospitals, so we recommend an adjustable bed frame, but the technology works on a box spring, slatted frame, the floor, or a bunky board. As long as there's a surface beneath the mattress, you're good to go!


Designed to truly support your weight!

We recommend you select the Thevo Bed with the firmness rating that falls within your weight range, because they are specifically designed to balance and distribute this amount of weight. 

If you have any questions, we're here to help! 866-870-2122

Weight Ranges Per Person Recommended Support Level
up to 110 lbs (50kg) Soft Support 
111 lbs - 220 lbs (50-100kg) Medium Support
220 lbs - 297 lbs (100-135kg) Firm Support