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Let your children sleep on a mattress that's exactly tailored to their needs getting healthy & restorative sleep throughout the night.
Many children have sleep disorders or disturbances, affecting parents and other family members. These disorders include; issues with falling asleep and staying asleep, restlessness during sleep, as well as disorientation upon awakening. Sleep disorders affect a child‘s natural growth and development.

  • Supports back spine alignment
  • Improves body perception
  • Calms the child for restorative healthy sleep
  • Promotes natural sleep pattern

Fits children up to 132 lbs body weight.

What makes a Thevo Mattress so unique?

MiS Micro-Stimulation by Thomashilfen
MiS Micro-Stimulation® (MiS)
MiS activates the neurons in your brain stem to relax your muscles, improves blood circulation, restores and rejuvenates your joints, and reduces stiffness & pain.
Activates Neurons
Thevo Beds high quality foam mattress
High Quality Foam
High quality resilient foam precision cut to conform to your body weight, supporting the heavier areas with higher density and the lighter areas with lower density.  
Non-Toxic, Long Lasting & Breathable
Thevo Matresses with integrated fiberglass underframe
Fiberglass Framing
The design mimics the structure and movement of your spine, it follows your body contours to provide targeted support, resulting in perfect spinal alignment. 
Constant Spine Alignment

Thevo works on anything

We studied the bed frame, box spring, and topper combination, and found that these components work best when their design is integrated seamlessly instead of stacked separately. So, we integrated them and upgraded the materials.
Bed frames for Thevo Beds
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