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1. What are Split Sizes? What is Dual Comfort? 

Answer: Split Size Mattresses are two XL mattresses put together to allow you to choose one comfort level for one side (for yourself) and one comfort level for the other side (for your sleeping partner). Dual comfort essentially means personalized comfort levels for two people. These mattresses are popular with sleeping partners because you can satisfy the positioning needs of one both individuals! 

2. Are there dual comfort mattresses available for Full or Queen sizes? 

Answer: No, dual comfort is not available in Full but we do offer Dual Comfort in the Split King size!

3. What if my weight range isn't shown on the chart? 

Answer: If your weight range is below the 'Soft' comfort level, we recommend you select the 'Soft'. If it is more than the 'Soft' but less than the 'Firm' we recommend you select 'Medium'. Our recommendations are based on sleep studies and materials testing, you do not have to follow our recommendations but they are there if you want to.