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Why Do We Roll Over at Night? — How to Avoid It

Ever ask yourself why your turn over while you sleep? ABC says, "If you just lie in the same position all night you'd probably get stiff joints and problems with the skin". Dr. Peter Roessler, from Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetistssummarizes his thoughts with ABC quest:

"Unpleasant stimuli from pressure on pain receptors (called nociceptors) initiate a coordinated rolling over response, and this can happen whether we are asleep, or simply lying awake in bed.

'We've all experienced this when sitting in one position. We can tolerate it for a certain length of time and then we have to move. I suspect it's probably a similar sort of response even when we are asleep.'

The signals from the nociceptors would travel up the back of the spinal cord to the brain, possibly to the reticular activating system which is important in sleep and wakening, he suggests.

Then signals to make movement happen would travel down tracts in the front portion of the spinal cord and go out to the muscles."

Sometimes, this nightly movement wakes us up for seconds or minutes which disrupts our sleep. Or, if you have poor circulation or normally stiff or aching muscles falling asleep due to this discomfort can seem IMPOSSIBLE! We studied the science behind the need for movement while sleeping, in search of an answer that would help us understand how we could help. We learned that individuals needed constant movement to stay comfortable, so we thought outside the box. 

What if instead of the person needing to move, the bed moved instead? Would the results be the same? 

We invented a technology we call MicroStimulation which does just that: moves so you don't have to. After 30 years of sleep studies we have found that the reversal of movement does not lead to the same results, but better results! This uncomfortable lying sensation we experience due to lack of movement is removed with MicroStimulation. Individuals report falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer, reduced pain, reduced stiffness, improvements in skin and hygiene, and many more health benefits. To learn more visit our health benefits page, or visit our blog for more posts!