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Support your immune system

It's not a secret anymore that getting enough good sleep has both positive  physical and mental effects to your body. Supporting a well-balanced immune system is a key benefit of good night's sleep. This effect can help to prevent or limit infections in your body.

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Here at Thomashilfen we are supporting good sleep through MIS Microstimulation:

Microstimulation naturally activates the neurons in your brain stem by responding to your movements throughout the night with micro-sized counter movements. These movements work like a see-saw, when the weight of your body presses on one of the wing-springs, the other side provides collateral support preventing you from sinking into the mattress. These micro-movements act as tactile touches, reminding your brain that your spine is supported and aligned. This gives your brain the reassurance it needs to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer to accomplish restorative sleep with multiple REM cycles.