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Patented Innovations: Read about our technologies

The slatted bed frame was one of our first big inventions. Since then, we've continued to improve our design, technology, material, quality and image. 

Thevo Beds is the only Sleep System combining the mattress with the frame throughout its design. 

By designing the traditionally separate mattress and frame together as one, we have engineered a full integrated system to accomplish improved health. Support and comfort, airflow and hygiene, spinal alignment and mind-body health are all benefits of this integrated system.

Our open underframe The system was designed with many goals in mind, one of which was creating the best bed for airflow to eliminate night sweats and keep an optimal microclimate. Constant airflow from the open-air underframe, through the open-cell foam, and out of the jersey fabric

MiS MicroStimulation (MiS) MiS is the only movement triggered technology that is clinically proven to improve your health.  

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