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How an extra hour of sleep can change work-life balance

In our real world we always have to be in a rush. We deprive ourselves of many things. But most importantly, we deprive ourselves of sleep. So how can an extra hour of sleep change your work-life balance?

Boosting your health

Taking care of your physical health is crucial to achieving work-life balance. Being healthy is important for your work performance & your everyday life in general.

Lack of sleep has effects on our health. Over a small period of time, it can result in high blood pressure, weakened immunity, heart disease and even higher risks of diabetes.

When you’re sleeping, your immune system produces substances that fight inflammation and infection. Sleep builds up your immune system & makes it stronger against illnesses. Same happens when your brain is exhausted from sleep deprivation, it’s harder for it to send your body the signals about pain and damage.

Improving your well-being

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found that even partial sleep deprivation leads to stress and anxiety. Only 4.5 hours of sleep can let you feel sad, overwhelmed and exhausted.

There’s also a strong connection between the lack of sleep and psychological problems. Just as getting enough sleep makes our body stronger, it also helps our mind to recover and feel safer. That is why many people who have to deal with sleep deprivation or insomnia often feel anxious or even depressed. All of these factors directly impact our work and social life.

Get yourself some sleep!

You won’t be able to perform well at work and enjoy your life at the same time if you’re sleep disrupted. Keep in mind a good night’s sleep is more important than anything else. If you put your sleeping pattern in order & get enough sleep every night, you will be able to avoid many health-related problems & get your life more balanced.