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Four components work to improve your health overnight.

1. MiS Micro-Stimulation®

2. Swiss Foam 

3. Carbon Framing

4. Breathable Cover

    1. MiS Micro-Stimulation® (MiS) improves your brain-body connection with MiS 

    Our German Engineered patented technology, MiS, naturally activates the neurons in your brain stem by responding to your movements throughout the night with micro-sized counter movements. These movements work like a see-saw, when the weight of your body presses on one of the wing-springs, the other side provides collateral support preventing you from sinking into the mattress. These micro-movements act as tactile touches, reminding your brain that your spine is supported and aligned. This gives your brain the reassurance it needs to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and accomplish restorative sleep with multiple REM cycles. The MiS relaxes the muscles and supports mobility. By perfectly aligning your spine, your body is able to naturally improve its circulation for all extremities; healthy blood flow reduces stiffness and chronic pain leading to improved mobility and heightened next-day energy levels. 


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    2.  High quality open-cell foam perfectly aligns your spine with multi-density zones

    Thevo Beds uses pre-crushed, high quality open-cell foam, made on a special recipe. We customize each Thevo Bed using precision cutting, creating a spine-like pattern throughout the mattress to provide heightened support in heavier-weighted parts of the body such as the hips and shoulders. The precision cut foam works with the MiS to keep your body balanced regardless of your positioning or sleeping habits. The open-cell foam promotes airflow to decrease night sweats, maintaining a comfortable and healthy temperature throughout the night.

     Read more about the design on the Design & Technology page

    3.  Patented Carbon Framing evenly distributes your body weight and provides targeted support through carbon framing & fiberglass slats

    Carbon framing is matched to the necessary supportive density for your weight range, assuring perfect weight distribution and spinal alignment throughout your body. Carbon fiber offers a cushioned durable foundation that distributes weight and supports movement, leaving you feeling weightless. Fiberglass wing-spring system is designed to constantly and automatically adjust to your movements and positioning providing consistent support throughout the night. The system operates off of your movements, so, no motor, noisy fan, and no electricity required. With framing components made out of fiberglass and carbon, the underframe is virtually indestructible.

    Read more about the design on the Design & Technology page

    4.  Breathable Covers provide a healthy microclimate

    Jersey and Incontinence Mattress Covers are designed with airflow, hygiene, and body temperature in mind. Easily removable and machine washable, the breathable lightweight covers are made with the same athletic material seen in dry-fit sportswear. The non-toxic high-tech jersey blend is lightweight and breathable. It’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and proven to reduce night sweats, improve microclimate, and hygiene. 

    Read more about the design on the Design & Technology page