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Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

  • Improved memory, learning and mental performance: a person who is well-rested is able to focus their attention and absorb material more efficiently, and new research shows that sleep and dreaming play an important role in the consolidation of memory, which is essential for learning new information. Therefore, sleep provides benefit both before and after engaging in a learning activity.  In addition, being over-tired impairs our ability to recall previously learned information.
  • Increased athletic performance: sleep restores energy to muscles and improves focus
  • Improve your mental and emotional health: just one or two nights of poor sleep can lead to irritability, fatigue, and decreased motivation, optimism and sociability.  Chronic sleep problems are correlated with stress, depression and anxiety.  
  • Prevent disease and increase your life span: inadequate sleep on a regular basis is associated with long term health consequences including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease.  Data from 3 large epidemiological studies showed that sleeping five hours or less per night increased mortality risk from all causes by roughly 15%.

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