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6 ways Thevo will make your life easier

ThevoRelief provides pain-relieving positioning and gentle stimulation of the nerve tracts, the basis for restorative sleep. 

1. Restore and rejuvenate your joints & muscles. Our MiS Micro-Stimulation® (MiS) technology works in unison with your movements and spine to perfectly balance and align your body throughout the night. MiS improves blood flow and circulation, giving the body better mobility and body perception, ultimately restoring and rejuvenating your joints and muscles overnight so you sleep comfortably, and wake up every morning healthy and pain-free.

2. Experience all 5 stages of sleep. Most people with back, neck, hip, or shoulder pain don't get to experience the five stages of sleep. MiS allows individuals to achieve restorative sleep by gently stimulating the nerve tract, which activates the neurons in the brain stem and connects the brain with the spinal cord. This mind-body communication allows you to effortlessly begin these five stages. Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling energized.

3. Breathe clean air.  Other mattress manufacturers spray their mattresses with harsh unhealthy toxic chemicals to pass fire-testing standards, we don't. We use Firegard® , the first fire retardant product in the industry that does not contribute to poor air quality. Get comfy and start breathing fresh air day and night.

4. Save money. Our German Engineering team designed the Thevo foundation with high-quality carbon framing, fiberglass supports, and open-cell Swiss foam. With the extremely sturdy and flexible design of Thevo Beds and our 10 year warranty, you won't have to buy another bed for at least another decade.

5. Clean with convenience. Other mattresses get dirty, ours won't. We designed our mattress with quick-zip-off covers, they're machine washable and tumble dryable! Our waterproof cover allows you to easily wipe off spills. 

6. Hypoallergenic. Antimicrobial, and breathable. We opted for a dense, anti-gravity open-cell Swiss foam and an open-air underframe for full ventilation. To further improve breathability, we added a high-tech sports apparel jersey fabric known commonly as 'dry-fit'. The breathable fabric keeps you cool and clean throughout the night and is dust mite proof.