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Taking care about a loved one suffering from Parkinson's?

Are you taking care about a loved one suffering from Parkinson's?
ThevoCalm is specially tailored to the needs of people with Parkinson's to offer most possible support & comfort at the same time.

ThevoCalm Mattresses support better sleep & ability to self-adjust while in bed.
Clinical tests, as well as extensive positive feedback from care facilities and Parkinson’s people, confirm the effectiveness of the concept:
Better and deeper sleep through the night and less suffering from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.
Integrated MiS Micro-Stimulation®
• Relaxes muscles and calms restlessness
• Compensation of sleep problems caused by medication
• Optimal supplement and support of therapeutic concept
• Improvement of entire pathology and reduction of daytime sleepiness
Thevo Calm Mattress Made for Parkinson's People
Get the best possible sleep for your loved ones!
Resources for Parkinson's
Supporting people with Parkinson's, their families, and caregivers: